Imposter Syndrome For Authors: Resources

Thank you for listening to the podcast interview I did with Simon Huggins on Imposter Syndrome and how it affects authors.

Here are the resources I mention in the episode:

Imposter Syndrome For Authors:

This 5-day training is usually £47, but it's yours - as my gift - to help you on your author journey. Here's where to get access, which will start in a special live round on Monday 23rd April:

Dare To Dream Bigger

Dare To Dream Bigger

If self-doubt, Imposter Syndrome, your inner critic or even lack of clarity are issues for you in your writing career, Dare To Dream Bigger shows you how to make the difference you are really here to make in the world.

5 Super-Common Mistakes Most Author Are Making

This 60-minute live training will spill the beans on 5 super-common mistakes that most non-fiction authors are making, even before they publish their book, and how you can avoid them.