Natural Resilience

How to healthily bounce back when times are tough.

Instant Access Workshop Plus 1:1 Coaching With Clare Josa

The Natural Resilience Online Workshop With Clare Josa

Times are tough at the moment and it's easy to drown in the fear and the worry. Research I conducted in late March showed that the coronavirus lockdown was already having a significant impact on people's mental health - and that they were either hiding it or pretending that everything was ok.

But classic 'resilience' - bouncing back fast, in the face of adversity - isn't the right option, either.

We need to bust the resilience myth, so we can connect with our inner courage, confidence and - above all - hope, now and in the future.

In this 60-minute training session, you will learn about:

The Resilience Myth

How modern 'resilience' is a dangerous concept that can trigger mental health issues - and what we need to be doing instead.

The Resilience Antidote

Why 'positive thinking' is over-rated and how to gently train your body, mind and emotions to be naturally resilient, so you no longer need to 'bounce back' from adversity.

Three Life-Changing Strategies

During the workshop, you'll learn three inspirational ways to reconnect with your inner calm in under sixty seconds - without pretending.

By the end of this session, you'll know how to feel calmer, more empowered, more positive and more hopeful, no matter what is going on around you.

Here's What You'll Get:

Instant Access 60-Minute Online Workshop

This is a training that attendees described as 'life-changing' and 'inspirational' - and Clare has designed it so it can create breakthroughs for you, even on the replay. Clare Josa has over a decade of experience in running live, online sessions, and making them as high-impact as her face-to-face workshops. 

1:1 Coaching Session With Clare

Watch the workshop and book a 30-minute breakthrough session with Clare, to help you to clear one of the blocks that you identified during the workshop, or to apply some of the techniques Clare taught.

Clare Josa

8x Author | International Speaker | Leadership Mentor

Clare has spent nearly twenty years specialising in helping high-achievers to 'get out of their own way' so they can make an even bigger difference in the world.

Her unique approach includes the best of practical psychology, demystified neuroscience, and her inner engineer's practical common sense, all with a generous dollop of humour.

She combines this with ancient wisdom from the worlds of meditation and yoga (she teaches both) to create what her students and clients call 'engineer-approved woo woo'.

All of this, plus her experience as a certified NLP Trainer, means she is known for designing and delivering inspirational training that creates breakthroughs in minutes, not months.

What's The Investment?

Expect to spend about 90 minutes on the instant access workshop, as you apply the techniques, right there and then. The strategies you'll learn are all designed to work in just a few minutes.
And your session with me will take 30 minutes, plus however much time you want to put in to apply what you'll cover with her, afterwards.

I want to make this session as affordable as possible, whilst still delivering the quality and service you deserve. You can get instant access to this training, plus a 30-minute session with me for just £197. 
Previous attendees paid £97 just for the workshop and a 1:1 breakthrough session with me normally costs £247, so the £197 price is my way of supporting you through the lockdown - and beyond.

Here's how to join us now - remember: there are only 10 places, max, because my schedule is pretty full at the moment:

There are only ten places.

what people say about clare's masterclasses

What do past students think of Clare's training?

Clare has a perfect recipe her training; her ability to be authentic and guide you through the topic with simple tools and techniques to open your mind will inspire you. She also provides her own unique and compelling experiences to help you understand contextually how to use what she teaches.

Nicky Harverson

Owner: My Fit Life Coaching

I have had so many a-ha moments with Clare's work. I now have clarity for how to leverage my gifts. Clare also turned on the lightbulb for me so I have the inner motivation to carry me all the way through.

Teresa Pangan

Nutrition Consultant

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