The Power Of Your Breath To Get You Back In Flow – Soul Nudge 008


What happens when your mind won’t let you get back in flow? When it’s getting something from keeping you stuck in force; in flow; in pushing? Here’s how you can calm your mind and get back in flow, one breath at a time. It’s a wonderful sixty second meditation and mindfulness technique that is great, whenever you feel your mind racing and you want to let go and flow – but your Monkey Mind won’t let you!


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Dare to Dream Bigger – page 268 – sama vritti

52 Mindful Moments – how to go from stressed to smiling in under sixty seconds

28 Day Meditation Challenge – how to change your life in just ten minutes a day – easily


Today’s quote:

A cluttered mind has no space for inspiration.


Today’s affirmation:

Affirmation: I can calm my mind, one breath at a time.Click To Tweet

Today’s intention: Play with your sama vritti technique and notice the shifts during your day.


I’d love to hear from you!

Let me know your answers to these questions, via the comments:

  • How did you get on with this technique?
  • Which shifts did you notice?
  • How might you remind yourself to do sama vritti breathing, if your mind is racing?

x Clare

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