Are You Leaving Your Abundance To Rot In The Fields? Soul Nudge Episode 005


How often do we slave away, planting seeds of plans, nurturing them and watching them grow, doing the affirmations, visualisations and other stuff we’re supposed to do, but we’re too busy to harvest?

Or too distracted?

Or we’ve got secret blocks about being ‘worth’ the Abundance we crave?


Listen Now:

Today’s quote:

“Abundance can’t show up, if you’ve slammed the door shut.”


Today’s affirmation:

Affirmation:I give myself permission to receive abundance in my life.Click To Tweet


Today’s intention: spot the abundance that’s already there in your life and say a great, big fat thank you!


I’d love to hear from you!

Let me know your answers to these questions, via the comments:

  • How have you been blocking abundance in your life?
  • What could you do to open that door – even just a chink?
  • How different would life feel if you allowed yourself to believe that you are worthy of the abundance that is flowing your way?

x Clare

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