Gratitude Week 7: The Hidden Dangers Of Gratitude White-Washing

Gratitude Week 7: The Hidden Dangers Of Gratitude White-Washing
A Year Full Of Gratitude

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In this week’s gratitude podcast you’ll discover how to set yourself free from ‘gratitude white-washing’ – where we use gratitude to pretend that things are ok, when they’re not. It’s just another way we beat ourselves up and trigger our inner guilt. Plus I’m sharing a super-simple technique to set yourself free from this.


Gratitude is about feeling great, not guilty. Here's how to set yourself free from 'gratitude white-washing':Click To Tweet
Gratitude isn't about pretending everything's ok. It's about being able to ride the waves of life's brown stuff, instead of drowning in them.Click To Tweet


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I’ll be back next week with week 8 when I’ll be sharing my secret for how to keep going with a change in your life, even if you’re not in the mood!

See you then.

x Clare

Clare Josa

Mentor to Passionate World Changers

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