Gratitude Week 10: Why you've got to stop ignoring your mind-body link

Gratitude Week 10: Why You’ve Got To Stop Ignoring Your Mind Body Link

Gratitude Week 10: Why You’ve Got To Stop Ignoring Your Mind Body Link
A Year Full Of Gratitude

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In this week’s gratitude podcast we’re diving in to the mind body link – and why we’ve got to stop ignoring it. You’ll learn how the stories we tell ourselves affect every cell in our bodies. And I’ll be sharing a simple technique that will prove it to you! Plus we’ll be talking about how to get off the ‘complaining train’ and even ditch gossip-addiction!


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I can’t wait to hear how you get on with today’s mind body link technique!

I’ll be back next week with week 11, which is all about how to set  yourself free from ‘shoulditis’ – the silent epidemic that no one should have to struggle with.

See you then.

x Clare

Clare Josa

Mentor to Passionate World Changers

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