Gratitude Week 0: The Three-Lettered Word That Changes The World

Gratitude Week 0: The Three-Lettered Word That Changes The World
A Year Full Of Gratitude

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Welcome to the first ever episode of your podcast: A Year Full of Gratitude. It’s a companion to the book of the same name, but it’s also designed to work as a stand-alone podcast, for anyone interested in gratitude, feeling happier, putting an end to stress, worry, anxiety and negative self-talk.

And in today’s episode I’m sharing with you the three-lettered word that makes changing the world – and your life – so much easier! Are you using it yet?



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If today’s topic is a big issue for you, there’s more on it on page 21 of Dare to Dream Bigger.


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I’ll be back next week with week 1, all about 7 things you’ll wish your Grannie had taught you about gratitude – and the neuroscience behind why it only takes a minute to change your life!

See you then.

x Clare

Clare Josa

Mentor to Passionate World Changers

P.S. Not got the book yet? Here’s where to order your copy today.


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