Do You Ever Struggle With How To Make Decisions? Here Are 5 Simple Techniques To Make Even Tricky Ones Easier [DTDB026]

Do You Ever Struggle With How To Make Decisions? Here Are 5 Simple Techniques To Make Even Tricky Ones Easier [DTDB026]
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Do you ever find yourself struggling with how to make decisions? Do you put them off? Beat yourself up about it?

In today’s Dare To Dream Bigger podcast episode, I take you through how to spot those decisions – they can be masters of disguise – plus five profoundly simple processes you can use to make even tricky decisions feel easier.

And make sure you download the workbook that goes with this episode – link below. It’s your quick-reference guide and decision-making workbook, all rolled into one. It includes the exact same questions I would ask you, if we were working one-to-one, on how to make decisions.


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And here’s my favourite question I use when I’m feeling stuck on how to make decisions:

If I knew I couldn’t make the wrong decision, which choice would I make? Which action would I take today?

Hint: let me know your answer, via the comments! x Clare



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Show Notes For How To Make Decisions:

Dare To Dream BiggerDare To Dream Bigger Handbook

Make sure you have ordered your copy of the Dare To Dream Bigger Handbook, which gives you all the ‘how-to’ you need on how to sort out secondary gain – and how to spot and ditch your out-of-date limiting beliefs, hidden blocks and fears that can be secretly blocking those tricky decisions – in Steps 2 and 3.

Here’s where to get your copy:

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Listen to today’s podcast, at the top of this page, and then let me know, via the comments:

What actions are you going to take – today – to start making those decisions you have been putting off?

What had it been doing for you? (Good old secondary gain!)


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