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Secretly Scared Of Going Visible With Your Big Message? Interview With Sandra Pilarczyk [DTDB044]


Secretly Scared Of Going Visible With Your Big Message? Interview With Sandra Pilarczyk [DTDB044] http://www.clarejosa.com/podcast/044/Are you an introverted entrepreneur? Secretly scared of going visible with your big message Join me for this inspirational interview with Sandra Pilarczyk to find out – and to discover why it means you need to do business differently. Sandra has built a thriving business on getting entrepreneurs to step up to the next level on visibility – in ways that boost your energy, instead of forcing you to put on a persona that doesn’t belong to you and draining your energy.

If you’re a closet introverted entrepreneur (find out here) and the thought of getting your message out there or doing livestreams leaves you quaking in your boots or even just feeling a tiny bit nervous, then you need today’s episode. She’s going to be sharing with you exactly how she does it, some of the insider secrets on how she helps people and the one thing that makes the biggest difference when she needs to step up to the next level.

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Here are the references I mentioned from the Dare To Dream Bigger handbook, to help you with the topics we covered in this episode:

  • The 3-lettered word that changes the world – page 21
  • How to crank up your commitment – Step 6
  • The most dangerous commitment-trashing word – page 296
  • The interview with Lorraine Dallmeier, owner of Formula Botanica skincare school – page 291
  • How to crank up your commitment – page 292
  • How my favourite Sanskrit word can help you grow your business – Dare To Dream Bigger podcast episode 8

Page numbers refer to the hardback print edition. If you have the Kindle version, search for the titles in the list above to find the sections. Not got your copy yet? Order it today: www.dreambiggerbook.com

Are you ready to make that decision? Is it time to stop avoiding going visible?

Is there something you’ve been secretly avoiding, which you’re longing to do? How about making that decision right now and letting me know, via the comments? It could be the first step towards the next stage of your dreams. With love and gratitude,

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