Pick Clare’s Brain

Every day I people ask if they could ‘grab a coffee’ with me to ‘pick my brain’.

What they really mean is that they want my advice. The thing is that my mentoring clients, Masterminders and students all pay for my wisdom, advice and experience, so it wouldn’t be fair if I gave it to everyone else for free (in addition to the 1,000+ pages on this website and my books!)

So, by popular request, I have added a ‘pick Clare’s brain’ one-off mentoring session. Get answers to your questions on topics from how to change your life, to how to grow your business, to how to become a published author, to GDPR and EU VAT.

This 60-minute session gets you my undivided attention (I’ll prep what you need to know in advance), plus whatever resources you might need from my online training vault.

Click the ‘book now’ button to make your payment and schedule your session – which can be via Skype or Zoom.

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