Stepping Up Mastermind 

2-Day Retreat With
Clare Josa

How To Feel Confident, Excited And Fearless About Your 2017 Big Vision
Even If You're Secretly Stressed,
Overwhelmed & Doubting Yourself

My Big Vision with this retreat is for you to finish the two days feeling inspired and empowered, with clarity about what you want to create in 2017, with your batteries topped up, and the tools you need, to clear out your hidden blocks.

Most of us are too busy working 'in' our business or career, to work 'on' it.

That's why it's all-too-common to reach the end of the year and our biggest dreams and ideas are still just notes, gathering dust and making us feel guilty. Or maybe it somehow feels 'safer' not to take action on them, to keep playing small.

I want to help make sure that doesn't happen for you.

So if you can spare two days to join me in East Sussex, we'll get to work together to make sure that 2017 is the year you get to step up, to make the next level of difference you're here to make.

I want to get you past the 'flinch factor' for your Big Vision dreams.

If you feel like you're stuck dreaming big, but playing small, or your heart is calling you to step up to the next level, then there are going to be out-of-date hidden blocks and comfort zones you need to clear out.

You can tell because your body will 'flinch' or contract, if you imagine taking action towards those dreams.​

On this inspirational Mastermind Retreat, you'll discover how to spot those blocks, fears and excuses, before they get in the way, and I'll share deep-dive, practical techniques you can use to make them a thing of the past.

“Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”   Martin Luther King Jr

It's so much more than just a Mastermind

Join us for this Stepping Up Mastermind Retreat and you will get:

Pre-Retreat Video Workbook

You'll hit the ground running, because your pre-retreat video workbook (it only takes about an hour) will help you to take the next steps on your Big Vision clarity, as well as starting to look at how you might be subconsciously self-sabotaging.
It also means I can design the workshop sessions around your needs.

2 Days Of Workshops & Masterminding

You'll get 12 hours of interactive workshops, cranking up your commitment to your 5 year Big Vision, as well as learning how to pre-empt and release your hidden blocks. You'll get inspired gems from my 14+ years of mentoring Passionate World-Changers.

4 Live Group Mentoring Calls

We'll do one before the Mastermind, so you can all get to know each other and agree what our priorities for the 2 days are. I'll design the programme around your needs. Then there will be 3 afterwards (one a month) for your questions, celebrating your successes and  extra accountability.

Mastermind Breakthroughs Together

You'll have plenty of extra time during your breaks and over your dinner (day 1) and lunch (day 2) to get to know your fellow Masterminders. Bounce ideas, get answers to your questions, and inspire each other to step up; to Dare To Dream Bigger.

Demystified Ancient Wisdom

It's not just left-brained logic, psychology and business stragegy we'll be covering. Sometimes 'sticky' blocks need you to go below the surface.
So I'll also be sharing with you practical techniques from the worlds of yoga and meditation / mindfulness, to reach the parts that 'thinking' cannot reach.

Lifetime Access To Your Mastermind Group

Even after our 3 months of group calls, you'll have access to your secret Facebook group for as long as you and your fellow Masterminders want to keep it running. Plus you'll get membership of my Inner Circle Mastermind & Mentoring Grads network.

"Working with Clare was the missing link"

"Clare speaks powerful truth about what works in the world, sharing incredible wisdom and savvy smarts in the most heartfelt way. Her energy and enthusiasm helped me rekindle old dreams – especially the one that says I can have a lot of fun earning a living helping others in unlimited ways!

"Her processes illuminated what I wanted in business and why and then actually laid out how to get there! At a crucial point in my life, I got to see and feel how vitally important inner work really is as the basis for professional success. Thankful I had Clare is an understatement. The biggest change is in me – learning to trust what I know. Talk about results!"

- Karen Campos (Founder of Kaleidoscope)

When & Where?

17th / 18th May 2017

Ashdown Park Hotel, East Sussex, UK

Here's an overview of what we'll be doing and when:

Day 1: Wednesday 17th May 2017


Arrive in time for a 2pm start. Early check-in and lunch may be available on request.


Workshops & Masterminding


3-course Mastermind Dinner in Ashdown Park's award-winning restaurant


Deep relaxation and meditation / mindfulness techniques to help you to de-stress, to calm a chattering mind and to recharge your batteries. You get MP3s of these techniques to use whenever you need them.

Day 2: Thursday 18th May 2017


Morning yoga, including postures for releasing hidden blocks and for taking inspired acton on your dreams. You get MP3s of these techniques to use whenever you need them.


Full English breakfast and time to relax


Workshops & Masterminding


2-course Table D'hote Mastermind Lunch in Ashdown Park's award-winning restaurant, followed by free time for a walk in the hotel's 40-acre grounds, or using the spa and fitness centre facilities, or hanging out with your fellow Masterminders


Workshops & Masterminding


We will be finished by 6pm.
If you want to extend your stay to a second night, please let me know and we can arrange this for you with the hotel, at our preferential rates.

If you could wave a magic wand, what would you change in your life, right now?

If you felt confident of success, what would you risk and create? What difference would you make?

Taking time out, on a guided Mastermind Retreat, means you can make those changes, and even enjoy the process.

What's It Like, Working With Clare Josa?

"I have had so many ah-has with Clare’s support."

"I now have clarity for how to pivot my business that is truly me - leverage my gifts.

"Clare also turned on the lightbulb for me so I have inner motivation to carry me all the way through. Lastly, working with Clare pushed me to get clearer on who I should focus on attracting - ideal target market, who I give the biggest transformation for."

- Theresa Pangan (Nutrition Consultant)

"Clare gives you permission to dream bigger."

"Running a business was been a game until now. I realised that I have been undervaluing my talent and BIG ideas since I started. This revelation was AMAZING.

"The unique way in which Clare gives you permission to dream bigger and take inspired action is life-changing."

- Nicky Harverson (Founder of MyFit Coaching)

"Clare is REAL and her honesty makes her easy to relate to."

"Clare's insights are gentle and lovingly delivered. When put into practise, they are truly empowering and life-changing. The depth to which you can absorb and really LIVE her suggestions, is where the transformation begins."

- Pendella Buchanan (Author)

"Clare inspired me to take action again"

"I had reached an impasse in my writing and my editing business. It had become far too easy to find excuses NOT to do something.

Clare has not only started me dreaming again, but has inspired me to take action, something I hadn't done in some time."

- Renate Ford (Professional writer and editor)

About Clare Josa

Clare Josa

Mentor To Passionate World-Changers since 2002, International Speaker, Member of the Institute Of Directors & author of Dare To Dream Bigger: the 'inside work' handbook for entrepreneurs and passionate world-changers​

My big passion is inspiring and empowering you to clear out the hidden blocks that had been getting in the way of the difference you're here to make in the world.

I'm an NLP Trainer, Meditation & Yoga Teacher and an Engineer, an entrepreneur of 14 years, and former Head Of Market Intelligence for a leading international brand, as well as the Author of five life-changing books.

I love to demystify Ancient Wisdom, blending it with the best of practical psychology, and a generous dollop of humour, to make it surprisingly easy for you to feel confident, excited and fearless about the next stage of your journey.​

You have all the answers you need, inside of you.

I'd love to show you how to find them.​


Got a question that's not answered here? Please get in touch.

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Where is Ashdown Park Hotel?

How do I join in with the group mentoring calls?

Do I have to be a business owner?

Can I extend my hotel stay?

I'm just starting out my business. Is this Mastermind for me?

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For extra accountability and individual support.

  • Full  Mastermind Retreat Programme
  • Save £500 - pay in full by 31st December 2016
  • 3 months of accountability mentoring (usually £347 per month = £1,041)
  • Lifetime access to my Entrepreneur's Inside Work Toolkit online training vault (usually £497)

Earlybird £1,497

"Clare is an inspirational change agent."

"Every now and again you get to spend time with someone whom you know will change the way you think about the world, for the better, from that point forward. Clare is one of those people.

"She’s influentially powerful and calmly assured, passionate about others’ success and inspires those she engages with. I first came across Clare when the rules on VAT in Europe changed, for the worse, for the small businesses that she works with. Quietly and without fuss, she’s created change, spoken at the highest levels and influenced policy throughout the 28 countries of the EU.

- William Buist (Founder of the xTen Club)

"Changing my world only took half an hour."

"I was blown away by the difference that even a 30 minute session with Clare made. In that short time she helped me to spot where I had been blocking my dreams for over 5 years, without realising it. Now I’m free to create what I always wanted to create."

- Arabella M (Artist & Entrepreneur)

"Working with Clare doubled my business's turnover."

"I don’t normally do ‘woo woo’, but Clare has helped me to connect at a deep level with who I really am. It has made an enormous difference to my business.

"Without Clare’s help, I never would have taken my business to the size it is now, making the difference that it does."

- Steve H (CEO)

"Clare helped me see how I was self-sabotaging my success."

"Just had to let you know that wow…! Yes I do sabotage my abundance but never quite understood that I was doing this. Now I have a full client roster and I’m about to hit 5 figures a month of passive income (getting paid while I sleep).

"And I have a support team around me that means I only work 4 hours a day. Clare’s inspiration took me from ‘hobby’ to ‘business’. Next step: ‘legacy’."

- Monica S (Entrepreneur)

Still got questions? Please give Clare a call. She would be happy to answer them for you.

(UK +44) 01342 477057

Only 10 Places: and the price goes up to £1,497 or £1,997 on 1st January 2017

Claim Your Place on the Stepping Up Mastermind Retreat for just £997 or £1,497

Click the button to find out how to book your place, which will be held for you for 5 working days, while you transfer your payment. This must be made in full if you want to qualify for the £500 discounted earlybird prices, below.