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For leaders on a mission to take their virtual teams from surviving to thriving, during lockdown and beyond.

With Teams Working Remotely, What We Were Doing Before Isn't Working As Well Any More.
What Do We Need To Change, As We Explore Virtual Leadership?

It's going to be a long time before everyone is back in the office - if we ever return to that.

Leaders face new challenges and opportunities to grow: themselves, their teams and their businesses.

The way we're leading needs to change - but how do you know what will work?

The Lockdown Leadership Conference is all about helping you to discover what is working - and how to let go of what isn't. Twelve international experts in inspiring virtual teams will be sharing practical strategies and best practice.

This event is about helping your teams to move from crisis-level 'surviving' to thriving, as we head into this new phase of doing business.

And the conference isn't going to be #DeathByPowerpoint as you hide behind your Zoom screen. Each session will be a live expert interview or expert panel, answering the questions that delegates ask when they sign up - and live during the session.

Plus there will be small-group break-out sessions where you can discuss with fellow leaders the ideas the talks have inspired and which actions you're going to take.

You'll finish the day with a practical strategy for the changes you want to make, for yourself, your team and your organisation, feeling inspired to lead the next stage of this journey.

Leaders, line managers, departmental heads and HR professionals say they are struggling with issues like:

Helping people to be optimistic - because they know that stress and worry trash performance - and they don't want them to have to pretend everything is ok.

Secretly dreading the difficult conversations they know they can't put off - and aren't comfortable doing online, instead of face-to-face

Wanting to be able to develop rising stars, but finding it hard to find the time

Worrying that their audience is silently ferreting around in their email inbox, off-screen, while they're trying to get important messages across in yet another video meeting

Not knowing how their teams are going to handle moving out of lockdown and working from home or returning to the office

Finding the balance between chasing and trusting - delivering on deadlines but without triggering overwhelm

People are worried about what's going to happen after lockdown and leaders aren't sure how to reassure them

Wanting to find a way to replace those 'by the way' chats that tell them what's really going on, so they can support your team members' mental and emotional health

Knowing that members of their team are struggling with juggling parenthood, school-at-home, and their usual workload, but they aren't sure how best to support them

Deciding what the 'new normal' needs to look like and how to bring teams with you

    The Lockdown Leadership Conference is here to share solutions - not just the what and the why, but the inspirational how - so you can take actions that create breakthroughs, fast.

    The Lockdown Leadership Conference is all about helping you to discover what is working - and how to let go of what isn't - with twelve international experts in inspiring virtual teams.

    Connect   |   Inspire   |   Thrive

    The Lockdown Leadership Conference covers three core areas of virtual leadership:


    With months of working remotely, it's easy for people to feel alone, despite video calls.

    Find out how to help people to feel deeply connected, both with you and with each other, without feeling like you're living in each other's virtual pockets.


    Inspire your teams to be doing great work, delivering projects on time, without them getting stressed or overwhelmed.

    Plus find out how to spot the early warning signs of problems, before they affect performance, productivity & mental health.


    Personal development doesn't stop just because people aren't in the office any more.

    It's essential that people get the support they need to perform at their best and to feel they are still continuing to grow and feel fulfilled.

    This is not another death-by-Zoom snooze-fest. 

    You're going to learn innovative solutions - sometimes counter-intuitive - to make your natural leadership style work in the virtual world, with less effort and more fun, so you can inspire your team to stay connected and even to thrive.

    The sessions are live interviews, rather than pre-recorded presentations, so you can get answers to your questions via the chat, there & then. They're with industry experts, and will be packed with actionable insights you can put into practice by the end of the day.

    There's an expert panel discussion on Lockdown Parenting, which is showing to be the elephant-in-the-room for many businesses.

    Plus there will be two small-group breakout sessions, where you can connect with fellow attendees and bounce ideas about actions you feel inspired to take.

    And we've got a delegate-only Facebook group running (2 weeks before & 4 weeks afterwards) where you can share inspiration, bounce ideas, get answers to your questions, and connect with like-minded leaders across the globe.

    Your Speakers

    Your twelve speakers are internationally recognised industry experts. They're known for their generosity in sharing their wisdom in ways that inspire you to create shifts in your thinking, right there and then.

    Here are your speakers and the topics they will be covering in their interviews:

    Stuart Baldwin - Presenter at the Lockdown Leadership Conference

    Stuart Baldwin

    Creator of Live BIG® | Global Speaker, Trainer & Coach

    Stuart is the creator of Live BIG® - a way of thinking and being that stops us playing small. 

    A highly sought-after global speaker, trainer and coach he takes big ideas and translates them into simple, practical steps that empower leaders to be great and teaches them how to do the same for their people.

    He'll be talking about the power of optimism - how to stay calm, happy and focused in tough times.

    • How our brains work to determine how we see life, how we feel and what we do
    • Explore why an optimistic mindset could make such a big difference to our health, happiness and effectiveness whilst going through this crisis
    • And even more crucially, how to do it!

    Stephney Dallmann

    Assurance Partner at EY and EY Women’s Network Partner Sponsor

    Stephney is an Executive Director at Ernst and Young and knows all about juggling her commitment to her work with her family life.

    Like many parents, life during lockdown has been about finding out what works and being able to be flexible.

    She will be sharing her insights and advice as part of our parenting discussion panel.

    Parenting Panel Discussion:

    • How to handle the triple role of parent, teacher and leader, while the schools are closed
    • How to spot the warning signs that a team member parent may be overwhelmed
    • What companies need to do, to prevent burnout for employees

    Ben Higgins

    UK Head Of HR, Société Générale

    Ben is an HR leader, but more importantly a husband and dad to two young daughters.

    He is passionate about Emotional Intelligence (EQ) being central to great leadership and, ultimately, competitive advantage.

    Hear Ben talk through his experience of successfully leading a bank’s employees through lockdown, all whilst working from home and being a hands-on father.

    Parenting Panel Discussion:

    • How to handle the triple role of parent, teacher and leader, while the schools are closed
    • How to spot the warning signs that a team member parent may be overwhelmed
    • What companies need to do, to prevent burnout for employees
    Clare Josa - Presenter at the Lockdown Leadership Conference

    Clare Josa

    Author of Ditching Imposter Syndrome & Heart-Based Leadership Consultant

    With nearly twenty years in leadership development, Clare specialises in helping leaders to fully believe in themselves, taking off their secret masks and armour and ditching Imposter Syndrome, so they can lead with courage, confidence and passion.

    In her session she will share the three keys to pain-free change, the hidden reason why so many people resist it, and the one ingredient that is missing from leadership courses that could become our superpower in the coming months and years.

    • The three keys to pain-free change (and why most people resist it)
    • Why 'pushing on through' our fears is such a dangerous strategy - yet 72% are doing it, right now
    • Discover the single most important skill you'll need, which isn't taught on leadership training
    Advita Patel - presenter at Lockdown Leadership Conference

    Advita Patel

    Director of Comms Rebel & Board Director of the Chartered Institute of PR

    Advita helps people and organisations to take the leap to help revolutionise the way they communicate.

    She has been running a research project to collate the kinds of questions that employees will be asking, once lockdown starts to ease. 

    In her interview she will share with you the most important - and often surprising - questions, plus how to handle them if you don't actually know the answer.

    • Feel confident with the kinds of questions your team members will be asking you
    • Learn how to communicate the answers so they reduce worry and fear, and increase hope and trust
    • Expert strategies for handling the questions you can't answer yet

    Sue Phillips

    Global Director Of Insights at Ipsos MORI

    Sue trains and develops teams across the world to be able to deliver great insight via strong stories to help clients make business decisions that will be relevant to consumers.

    She also leads Women in Ipsos, their global network whose goal is to inspire and support Women in Ipsos to reach their potential.

    • Sue will talk about the importance of Human Connection, even virtually, and how it contributes to our ability to be successful professionally.
    • Life after lockdown - What have we learned that will stick? what have we learned that we will leave behind?
    • What opportunities has our Lockdown experience given to us? Reframing our work and life intersection? Rethinking collaboration?
    Nadine Powrie presenter at the Lockdown Leadership Conference

    Nadine Powrie

    International Consultant On Handling Difficult Conversations & Podcast Host: Leading The Coaching Change

    Nadine - prior to lockdown - travelled the world, advising companies and even governments on how to handle difficult conversations.

    In her interview, she'll share with you the common pitfalls to avoid, and she will guide you through the science and art of turning difficult conversations into a chance to empower and inspire.

    • How to spot if you're putting off a 'difficult conversation', without even realising it
    • The vital important of 'listening to hear' - and how to take this skill online
    • How to make sure the outcome of a difficult conversation is positive and empowering
    Vicki Psarias At The Lockdown Leadership Conference

    Vicki Psarias

    Author of Mumboss and CEO of HonestMum

    Vicki will be sharing her practical, inspirational and often irreverent advice on juggling parenting with lockdown working.

    Her no-nonsense approach means she is often interviewed by the national press and TV and her best-selling book, Mumboss, is all about how to juggle a thriving business with parenthood.

    Parenting Panel Discussion:

    • How to handle the triple role of parent, teacher and leader, while the schools are closed
    • How to spot the warning signs that a team member parent may be overwhelmed
    • What companies need to do to prevent burnout for parent employees
    Penny Pullan speaker at Lockdown Leadership Conference

    Penny Pullan

    Author of Virtual Leadership & International Speaker On Leading Virtual Teams

    In a world where we're now all talking about virtual leadership, Penny Pullan literally wrote the book.

    A long-time expert in leading remote teams, she will be sharing with us how to build a virtual leadership framework that allows your team to thrive and means you don't lose sleep.

    • How to find the balance between chasing and trusting 
    • How to inspire and empower teams to deliver on deadlines, without triggering overwhelm
    • Expert tips to shift your offline leadership style to work remotely

    Alan Stevens

    Virtual and Remote Speaking Specialist & Author Of The Exceptional Speaker

    Alan is an international speaker and media coach who also specialises in delivering remote keynotes.

    Whether you're delivering a presentation to the board or leading a team meeting, Alan will be sharing strategies to make getting your point across, virtually, easier and more effective.

    • Common mistakes that presenters make when taking their offline approach into the virtual world
    • How to capture and keep your audience's attention
    • Expert tips to make sure your message is heard, and remembered, and not lost in the distractions

    Andy Storch

    Talent Development Consultant & Host Of The Talent Development Hotseat Podcast

    Andy is on a mission to get the most of out life - and to inspire others to do the same. In his work as a Talent Development Consultant, he speaks internationally about the top talent development trends.

    In his interview, he will be sharing the latest innovations and proven strategies to help you to keep your team members growing and thriving, despite the radical changes they have seen with the ways we are all working.

    • Why it's essential not to put talent development on the back-burner, while people are working remotely
    • How to spot the warning signs that a remote-working employee wants to shift up a gear
    • How to shift your talent development approach so it inspires and encourages your rising stars, rather than overwhelming them

    Justine Zwerling

    Head of Primary Markets Israel at London Stock Exchange Group

    Justine's distinguished career centres around entrepreneurship combined with a life purpose to develop the support structures surrounding women on their journey.

    She founded the Jewish Women's Business Network, part of the London Stock Exchange's Women's Inspired Networks.

    • Justine will be sharing her experiences about exiting lockdown and how this is likely to affect teams - practically and emotionally

    Plus Two Treats

    In addition to the main conference, there are two other experts here to support you:

    Sam Rehan

    Founder of Wellbeing At Work

    Sam is a gifted facilitator who specialises in sharing practical, inspirational ways to reduce stress in the workplace.

    During our lunch break, she will be leading a session in our private Facebook group on using laughter to destress.

    This 30-minute programme is the perfect mood-lifter, to re-energise you ready for the afternoon sessions. Plus she'll be sharing techniques you can use, any time you need to cut your stress levels.

    Laurens Bonnema

    Agile Management Consultant & Graphic Facilitator

    If you're a visual learner, then it's really useful to have handouts and graphics from slides, to help you to remember what was covered in a conference.

    But by making the Lockdown Leadership Conference interactive and in interview format, rather than death-by-Powerpoint, that isn't possible.

    So we are thrilled that Laurens Bonnema is going to be 'sketchnoting' each session for us - and sharing his finished sketches with you, during and after the event.

    You'll be able to download them all for your future reference.

    Who Is The Lockdown Leadership Conference For?

    The Lockdown Leadership Conference is for HR professionals, line managers, departmental heads, business leaders and business owners who want to make sure that their company and teams don't just survive the drastic changes in the way we're working, they thrive.


    The event ran on 22nd May and you can now get instant access to the replays. The event included:

    09:00 - 09:15   |   Welcome & How To Get The Most From The Conference

    09:15 - 09:45   |   Penny Pullan - Virtual Leadership Strategies That Work - For Busy People

    09:45 - 10:15   |   Stuart Baldwin - Creating A Culture Of Optimism - Without Pretending Everything Is Ok

    10:15 - 10:45   |   Justine Zwerling - How Is Exiting Lockdown Likely To Affect Our Teams?

    10:45 - 11:00   |   Coffee Break

    11:00 - 11:30   |   Alan Stevens - How To Adapt Your Communication Style For Virtual Meetings

    11:30 - 12:00   |   Nadine Powrie - Handling Difficult Conversations When You Can't Be Face-To-Face

    12:00 - 12:30   |   Small-Group Breakout Session - What Are Your Key Takeaways From The Morning?

    12:30 - 13:30   |   Lunch

    13:30 - 14:00   |   Panel Discussion - Juggling Parenting & Home Schooling With Working From Home - with Ben Higgins, Stephney Dallman & Vicki Psarias

    14:00 - 14:30   |   Andy Storch - Talent Development When You're Working Virtually

    14:30 - 15:00   |   Advita Patel -  The Three Pillars For Effective Company Communication, As We Exit Lockdown

    15:00 - 15:15   |   Coffee Break

    15:15 - 15:45   |   Sue Phillips - Life after lockdown: What have we learned that will stick & what will we leave behind?

    15:45 - 16:15   |   Clare Josa - The Three Keys To Pain-Free Change (And Why People Resist It)

    16:15 - 16:45   |   Small-Group Breakout Session - What Are Your Key Takeaways From The Afternoon?

    16:45 - 17:00   |   Wrap Up & Next Steps

    Brought To You By Clare Josa

    A personal message from Clare:

    You know that thing where you get a burst of energy that gives you a crazy idea... So you chat with some people you trust and they tell you it's not bonkers, it's brilliant...

    Then you put together your dream-wish-list of people you would LOVE to be involved - and each and every one of them says YES! And all of that happens within two hours on a Friday afternoon?

    Well, the baby that was born from this inspiration is the Lockdown Leadership Conference.

    It's for you if you're a leader on a mission to take your virtual teams from surviving to thriving, during lockdown and beyond.

    Instant access. All online, so you can join us from anywhere in the world. It's designed to inspire you by sharing what's working, and how to let go of what isn't.

    Don't Know Clare Josa Yet?

    Clare Josa is the author of eight books and she speaks internationally about how to change the world by changing yourself. 

    Considered the UK's leading authority on Imposter Syndrome, in 2019 she led and published the UK's first large-scale research study on the topic, and also published her ground-breaking book: Ditching Imposter Syndrome.

    She combines her original background in engineering, her experience as Head of Market Research for one of the world's most disruptive brands, and her expertise in the neuroscience and psychology of performance, to design training that creates breakthroughs in minutes, not months.

    Why We Decided To Share This Event For Free

    This is going to be a high-impact event. It has the potential to shift the way you lead - and give you insights that change how you approach your leadership role and your business in these virtual working times.

    The one thing all of the presenters are passionate about is being able to make as big a difference as possible with this hugely important topic, so each of us - presenters and organisers - is waiving our usual fee. This means that getting a £500+ purchase order signed off by your accounts team doesn't have to be a barrier to joining us for the Lockdown Leadership Conference.

    And it's also a pitch-free zone. Each interview and the panel discussion is going to be packed with actionable insights, not fluff.

    We want to make a difference by helping you to make a bigger difference. Are you joining us?

    Get Instant Access To The Replay If You Register Before 19th June:


    Claim Your Place Now

    There is no charge for your ticket. There's no sleazy last-minute 'it's only free if you watch live' catch. You get to join us live, plus three months' access to the replays. And it's a no-pitch zone.

    Plus it's more than just the one-day event:

    Virtual Networking

    This conference is not about sitting at home behind your screen and getting bored. It's interactive and perfect for connecting.

    We're running a private Facebook group for two weeks before and four weeks after the event, so you can network and connect, just as you would at a face-to-face conference, and also benefit from learning what others will be doing and sharing your expertise.

    Get Answers To Your Questions

    The interviews are live. So you can ask questions and get answers right then, via the chat.

    Plus the two small-group breakout sessions are perfect for sharing which ideas have inspired you, highlighting best practices, and which actions you want to take.

    And the Facebook group is there for you to bounce ideas, before and after the event.

    Virtual Goodie Bag

    We all know how much there can be to take in at a conference, so instead of a physical goodie-bag, each of the industry experts is donating a free deep-dive bonus resource, so you can explore more deeply the areas that interest you.

    These include white papers, instant access videos, resource cheat sheets and a live online workshop.

    Get your ticket now

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