Passionate World Changers

Scaling Up Your Inspiration, Impact & Income

An inspired blend of business growth strategy, plus the essential and often-overlooked 'inside work' to set you free from those secret self-imposed glass ceilings.

Inspiration. Breakthroughs. Accountability.

Growing Your Business. Changing The World.


You want to grow your business to be something bigger than 'you', but you sense you're holding back from stepping up to lead.

Where others stress about the status quo and gain a Masters in complaining, you're the action-taker who drives the changes. Making a difference and being a crusader is hard-wired into your DNA.

You've been growing your business for the last few years, but now you've reached the stage where you want it to be less about you, and more about your mission, even if you're not totally sure what that might be yet.

You know it's time to 'own' your position as a leader in your field, so your ideas can have the influence and impact they deserve...

... but the thought of it makes you flinch.

You can sense yourself holding back from speaking your true message. It's easier to sanitise it, to create fewer waves.

But your heart is calling you to step up and make a bigger difference. 

And when you look around for people to support you on the next stage of your business journey, you realise how far ahead of the crowd you are, even if your 3am self-talk is telling you you're not a 'success' yet. You're secretly fed up with coaching the newbies in other people's tribes - for free. 

It can feel lonely out there on the leading edge.

But your tribe is waiting for you!

Passionate World Changers is for business owners, just like you, who are making waves and changing the rules - often in ways that have never been done before. 

We're Passionate World Changers:

Leading From The Heart In A Head-Based World,

Hungry To Make A Bigger Difference

Growing Your Business Takes More Than Business Strategy.

It's Also About Getting Out Of Your Own Way...

... And That Goes Beyond Tinkering With 'Mindset' And 'Attitude'.

Changing the world isn't so much about what you do;

it's about who you allow yourself to become.

And Passionate World changers is your safe space to do that. It's your how-to. It's your support crew. It's your inspiration and guidance tribe. It's a group of like-minded business owners who have your back. They 'get' it. They understand. You're there to inspire each other - and even join forces.

But The Whole 'Becoming' Bit Can Feel Easier Said Than Done

  • Imposter Syndrome can get in the way, making us wonder who we are to step up and do this
  • We want to fit in, so we tone down who we really are
  • We play it safe, not speaking up with our brave and bold ideas, to avoid rejection and criticism
  • We can feel stuck in stress and over-thinking, meaning we lack clarity and purpose
  • We can feel overwhelmed, juggling work, loved-ones and the guilt about taking time for ourselves
  • And our self-talk keeps us up at 3am, wondering whether we'll ever be 'good enough'

The world thinks you're confident. But you wouldn't want them hearing your secret 3am self-talk.

According to the landmark 2019 Imposter Syndrome Research Study:

Imposter Syndrome

82% entrepreneurs had struggled with Imposter Syndrome 'daily' or 'regularly' in the past year.

The single biggest issue was 'comparisonitis' - comparing themselves to others on social media and then holding back from taking Inspired Action on their business goals, in case others found out they weren't 'good enough' or were a 'fraud'.

This causes them to self-sabotage, often without realising it, including:

  • Not returning that call until it was too late
  • Convincing themselves they were too busy for that golden opportunity
  • Holding back from being visible and getting the press coverage they deserve
  • Discounting their prices without being asked
  • Not charging what their results are worth
  • Not putting in proposals for work, even when they were asked to
  • Overgiving - especially the free stuff
  • Not having clear boundaries with clients and ending up resenting them
  • Doubting whether they were good enough to be doing what they wanted to do
  • Toning down their message and business ideas, to fit in and avoid criticism 

And let's not mention the perfectionism, procrastination, project paralysis and people-pleasing that come with Imposter Syndrome, as well!

Recognise yourself in any of these? You are not alone!

The best business strategy in the world won't work for you, if you're subconsciously self-sabotaging your success.

Passionate World Changers is a unique way to grow your successful, sustainable, world-changing business to the next level, increasing your impact, influence and profits.

It gives you the proven business strategy you need...

... the community and accountability tribe to actually get it done...

... plus life-changing tools to set yourself free from the hidden blocks and your secret self-imposed glass ceilings on your success, impact and income.

It's Time To Clear The Fear And Do It Anyway!

Here's What's Waiting For You Inside Passionate World Changers:

Finally Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Stepping Up To Lead is a revolutionary six-month programme designed specially to support Passionate World Changers (usually £3,000).

In bite-sized chunks, you'll learn how to turn your inner critic into a genuine cheerleader and finally set yourself free to ditch Imposter Syndrome.

Then you'll move on to getting the clarity you need to reconnect with your mission, sharing your message with courage, confidence and passion.

  • Proven to help you to 'get out of your own way' and clearing those secret self-imposed glass ceilings
  • Goes beyond 'mindset' to release the root cause triggers for self-sabotage behaviours
  • Increases confidence, clarity, resilience and passion
  • Live round with extra group Q&A calls starts November 2nd 2020
  • All in bite-sized chunks to create breakthroughs, no matter how busy you are

VIP Access To Clare's Online Training Vault - Worth Over £10,000

Whether it's the 'inside work' that's so essential to success, or practical strategies for scaling your business, Clare's online training vault is there for you.

Based on Clare's Dare to Dream Bigger 7Cs model, you'll find the practical inspiration you need for the next stage of your business growth journey.

Plus there are courses on how to build natural resilience, how to feel less stressed, and even how to 'magically' make more time. 2020 / 2021 courses.

  • High impact business strategy that goes beyond the surface-level-stuff that most entrepreneurs fill their time with
  • Deeply connect with your Big Vision and your audience, so that you magnetise them to you
  • Learn how to influence authentically, so you no longer have to shout to be heard above the noise
  • Making it easy - and even fun - to create and implement your business growth action plan

Member-Only Tribe For Accountability, Inspiration & Breakthroughs

No one changes the world on their own.

Your private online forum is the perfect place to share the journey with like-minded business owners, on a mission to support each other on making a bigger difference in the world.

Get answers to your questions and celebrate your successes from peers, not newbies. We 'get' you - and we're on the same journey. You are not alone!

  • Google-proof forum without the distractions of a Facebook group
  • Connect with intention and enjoy open-hearted discussions
  • You are not alone! This is your chance to find a tribe where you finally feel like you belong.
  • JV and buddy up - you'll always have people to bounce ideas with and to get feedback on your plans
Intuition Breakthrough Blueprint

Monthly Group Mentoring Calls

Get hotseat mentoring with Clare (via Zoom) and join in the discussions on each month's core theme.

These monthly calls are a chance to connect, to network, to ask for help, and to share your ideas.

  • Get answers to your questions to get you unstuck
  • Celebrate your successes with people who 'get' them
  • Connect with your fellow Passionate World Changers and be inspired

Monthly Expert Masterclasses For The Latest On Creating Business Breakthroughs

Each month you'll get a live masterclass on a topic that's hot for the group.

Whenever we need an external guest expert, I'll hunt one down and get them to join us for a Masterclass or an interview.

Plus, you'll get the behind-the-scenes, long-edit versions of the interviews I do for the Soul Led Leaders podcast.

  • Practical inspiration from proven experts
  • Gold dust how-to from those who have the t-shirt
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest strategies on what's working to make a bigger difference in the world
  • Not for newbies! These trainings are at the deeper-dive level you need, as an experienced business owner.

Member-Only Meet-Ups & Quarterly Masterminding Days

Nothing beats the power of connecting in person. So we'll be arranging member-only meet-ups to help you to build lasting friendships.

These will be near London, UK, and we plan to run a 5-day retreat in a beautiful part of Turkey.

In the meantime, while Covid stops us from hugging, we'll be running quarterly online masterminding days, to help you create breakthroughs in your business journey.

  • Build lasting friendships
  • Connect and inspire
  • Deep-dive on your business success strategy
  • Join a Passionate World Changers retreat in Turkey - once Covid allows!

Is Passionate World Changers For You?

Our members share a common goal: they're on a mission to make a bigger difference in the world and want to help you to do that, too.


  • You've been running your business for at least a couple of years, even if it's still a bit feast-and-famine
  • You're hungry to make a bigger difference and secretly know you're getting in your own way
  • You're able to take responsibility for putting in the work to create change in your life and to take inspired action, with the right support
  • You believe that a rising tide lifts all boats and want to be part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • You get excited at the idea of sharing the journey for accountability, inspiration & breakthroughs

Not At The Moment

  • You're new to running your business and are more focussed on getting started than growth and scaling 
  • You find yourself blaming others or circumstances, when things go wrong
  • You feel like life happens 'to' you and that it's not fair
  • You feel intimidated by others' success and jealousy makes you behave unkindly
  • You're looking for someone to 'fix' you (hint: you're not broken!)
  • You prefer giving 'tough love' rather than compassionate firmness, when it comes to feedback for others

Are You In? We'd Love To Have You Join Us!

Don't Know Clare Yet?

Clare Josa

Leadership Mentor | 8x Author | International Speaker | Law-Changer

Clare has been running her business since 2003 and has over a decade of experience in mentoring entrepreneurs and Passionate World Changers.

She specialises in helping high-achievers to fulfil their potential, setting themselves free from Imposter Syndrome and self-imposed glass ceilings. 

She is a law-changer, has given keynotes at the European Parliament, changed minds in Downing Street, and co-led a no-blame campaign of thousands of micro-businesses that achieved what the UK Government had described as 'impossible'.

Clare's work is a fluff-free zone. After a decade in engineering and as Head of Market Research for one of the world’s most disruptive brands, since running her own leadership development business she has published eight books and speaks internationally on how to change the world by changing yourself.

Over the past 15 years she has supported, guided, coached and mentored thousands of business owners, helping them to create business breakthroughs, instead of burnout, in minutes, not months.

How Do I Join?

Doors Open on October 16th 2020, closing at 9am on Monday 2nd November, and there are only 25 places available for that enrolment. If you join during that window, you get to lock in the Founder Member rate for life.

Others joining in late November, when doors briefly reopen, will be paying more than if you join today.

To apply to join us, click the 'apply to join' button and fill in the application form. This will take you to a calendar to book a call with Clare. 

If it's a YES from both of you, then you can claim your founder member place, at a never-to-be-repeated discounted rate, which is yours for as long as you want to be a member.


PS There's no tie-in. You can stay a member for as long as you want.

You keep your Founder-Member rate for as long as you want your membership to run, even when others are paying much more to join.

Upgrade To Mastermind
  • All of the benefits as for Founder Members
  • One-year programme, starting December 2020
  • Six 45-minute laser-focused 1:1 calls with Clare over the year, to work on your business strategy or block-clearing
  • Monthly mastermind-only calls
  • Quarterly Mastermind-only mastermind days




Join by 31st October to qualify for the £499/mo super early bird rate

Max 12 places

Upgrade With 1:1

Add a monthly 1:1 business strategy and block-clearing session with Clare

  • All of the benefits as for Founder Members
  • Plus a monthly 45-minute laser-focused 1:1 call with Clare
  • Jump Clare's booking queue to get priority access to her calendar




Note: Doors close for the rest of 2020 on Monday 2nd November at 9am, UK time.


But I Don't Have Enough Time!

When Are The Group Mentoring Calls?

I Can't Afford It!

How Long Do I Have Access To The Training Materials?

Got a question we haven't covered? Get in touch here.

Are You Joining Us?

What's In The Training Vault?

Start With This Course!
Start With This Course!

Stepping Up To Lead

This revolutionary six-month programme (which normally costs £3,000) helps you to finally get out of your own way, as well as cranking up your clarity on your Big Vision for the next stage of your business journey.

Clare highly recommends that you start with this course when you join, because clearing out our secret self-imposed glass ceilings is the key to the success of business strategies.

The 7 Cs Of Business Breakthroughs

Discover how to implement Clare's 7Cs strategy to create breakthroughs, instead of burnout.

But there's no cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all way to grow your business. You need to do what works for you.

In this course she guides you, step by step, through how to design the strategies that will allow you to take your business to the next level, feeling supported and excited about the next stage of your journey.

How much time does it take?

How To Magically Make More Time

Let's start with the elephant in the room: we're all too busy!

Turning classic time management on its head, this course could gain you up to an hour a day - every single day.

It's all about how to spot the ways we subconsciously fill our time with busyness, so you can have more impact, in less time, for free.

And Breathe...

This much-loved programme is perfect if you've been struggling with the stresses of Covid and lockdown and want to press a Big Reset.

Designed to help you to cut your stress levels by dealing with the root cause triggers, rather than using sticky-plaster coping strategies, it gives you the tools to set yourself free from stress, worry and overwhelm, forever.

How To Meditate, Made Easy

When we're stressed, there are neuroscience reasons why we can't think straight - why we get stuck - why ideas don't flow.

And when we try to change the world with just our 'thinking mind', we're missing out on most of our inner genius.

Clare has been a certified meditation teacher since 2008 and has had two books published on the topic. So Meditation, Made Easy guides you through how to calm your mind and connect with your deeper Self, in just ten life-changing minutes a day.

From Expert To Author

Nothing builds your credibility faster than publishing a book. But it has to be the right book, or it can do more damage than good.

From Expert To Author normally costs £2,000+, but it's yours with your membership.

You'll start with nailing your book idea, so you make sure you write the book your dream clients are hungry to read.

Then Clare guides you step by step through how to write, publish and launch an 'unputdownable' book that actually brings you business, as well as making a huge difference for your readers.

How To ROCK Live Video Sessions

Whether it's a Zoom call, a Facebook live, or taking your conference online, find out how to make your sessions highly engaging, without having to turn into a kids' TV presenter.

In this training, you'll learn how to avoid the super-common mistakes that can trash your credibility, plus how to keep your audience with you, even if they've got Zoom-fatigue.

Crusader or complainer - catalyst for change - Clare Josa

The Let's Rock 2021! Conference

As a founder member of Passionate World Changers, you get GIFT VIP Access to this inspirational conference in November 2020.

Others are paying £297 for a standard ticket - and VIP access is ONLY available to my members. It's impossible to buy it anywhere else.

It's the perfect way to get your business lined up to be successful and resilient, no matter what happens in 2021.

Coming In 2021!

Intuition Breakthrough Blueprint

How to turn your intuition into your biggest business asset, so you can make decisions more easily and inspire the tribe you lead. 

As a reformed engineer, and the former Head of Market Research for one of the world's most disruptive brands, Clare knows that it's important to back big decisions up with data.

But she also knows that be able to trust our gut can lead to miracles. It's a vital entrepreneurial skill.

Coming In 2021!

Influencing Authentically

Want your message to have more impact? Without feeling like you have to shout to be heard above the noise?

Sharing secrets from her time as Head of Market Research for one of the world's most disruptive brands, Clare will teach you how to practically read your dream customer's mind, so your message resonates at the deepest levels, with ease.

Influencing Authentically teaches you how to use the power of being who you really are, combined with Courageous Alignment, so that your Big Vision magnetises your dream audience and you get to make an even bigger difference.

Coming In 2021!

Scaling Your Business

In this expert masterclass, you'll discover the secrets to growing a business that means you do less, but get to help more people.

It's about truly stepping into your CEO-shoes, so that you can - shh don't tell anyone - take time off and your business keeps running.

Not to be missed!

Coming In 2021!

Leading Your Tribe

Expert masterclass with tribe-guru Diana Tower. She trains community managers to lead big tribes, having led Ramit Sethi's IWT community.

In this session she'll be sharing how to treat your tribe with loving boundaries, how to create clear and compelling differences between your free tribe and your paid clients, how to escape from freebie-hunters, and how to make your community the basis for your successful business.

Coming In 2021!

Dealing With Difficult People

Whether it's clients or suppliers or loved-ones or even trolls, some people are simply tough to be around.

In this training, Clare spills the secrets on how to handle them without losing your cool, compromising your values, or letting them get to you.

Coming In 2021!

Unicorn-Free Manifesting

Clare has long been known as an expert manifester. And in this training, she teaches you her unicorn-free secrets.

You'll learn how to avoid the super-common mistakes that mean most people think manifesting doesn't work, and discover how to weave its engineer-approved 'magic' in your business and your life.

Coming In 2021!
The Gender Confidence Gap - How To Close It

Leading Through Change

It's about the power of flow, vs force! How to escape from having to put in so much 'effort' and energy into creating change, tapping into your soul's wisdom and getting in flow, so breakthroughs become easy and fun.

How to create breakthroughs, without the burnout, becoming a catalyst for change, rather than the crusader.

No more 'pushing on through' - learn ways to create change and get more done, with less effort, in less time.

Apply To Join Us

Fill in the application form and when you submit it, you'll be taken to Clare's calendar to book a call with her.

If it's a YES from both of you, then you're in!

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