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How To Handle Haters When You Want To Change The World


Fear of haters and trolls is one of the biggest barriers to stepping up and turning our dreams into reality – from making the difference we are really here to make. Want to know how to handle haters, without having to ‘toughen up’ or develop a ‘thicker skin’?

Maybe it stems from childhood. Maybe it’s the product of a well-trained inner critic. Maybe it comes from seeing trolls holding parties on news website comment threads. But fear of haters and trolls keeps us stuck, dreaming big, but playing small.

The thing is, we need to have strategies to be able to hold our own, especially if our world-changer mission has us going ‘right’ when everyone else is going ‘left’. If your Big Message doesn’t bring you at least a sprinkling of grumpy people, it probably isn’t potent enough.

So today’s video takes you through five steps to handling your fear or haters and trolls, including lessons I learned back in the EU VAT Action Campaign days and in the past few weeks, trying to negotiate a light touch for microbusinesses this year with GDPR.

I have had so many trolls this past few weeks.

And I’m hoping my 5-step process will help you, too.


How To Handle Haters When You Want To Change The World

Once you’ve watched the video, I’d love to hear from you, via the comments:

  • How have you experienced haters & trolls on your Passionate World Changer journey?
  • What has worked for you in the past?
  • Which of these 5 techniques resonate with you – and what could you do, today, to put it into action?

x Clare

Clare Josa, Author of Dare to Dream Bigger

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