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GDPR – Meeting With The UK’s Small Business Minister To Request An Emergency Extension


SUPER URGENT: We need your help, please! If your microbusiness is in desperate need of an extension to the #GDPR deadline to the end of this year, please email your MP, copying in Matt Hancock and Andrew Griffiths to tell them why you need it. TODAY if possible.

I just had a great meeting with Andrew, courtesy of Helen Whateley, MP, but despite the fact that I know hundreds of you have written to your MPs, they have not been passing the messages on to Andrew.
If Andrew gets a critical mass of messages this week, he will take action. Technically GDPR is Matt Hancock’s baby, but Andrew is our voice in Government.

Even if you have already written to your MP, please do so again, letting them know how urgent this is. Ask them to call Andrew & Matt, because timing is now so tight.

Be specific about why complying isn’t easy for you and how having the extension will help.
Their constituency emails (below) will reach them.

Once you have emailed, please tag your MP in a tweet, telling them you have emailed them to ask for a GDPR compliance deadline extension and that it’s super-urgent.

Please share this video.
Thank you!

Your MP: their constituency email address is easy to find via Google. It’s worth including your address in the email, because many won’t reply unless you can prove they are your MP.

Matt Hancock: Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media & Sports
Twitter @MattHancock

Andrew Griffiths: Minister for Small Business
Twitter: @andrewgriffiths

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