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Gratitude & Sticky Socks: Why Positive Thinking Can Be A Waste Of Time


In today’s #theschoolrunsdone inspiration for Passionate World Changers, we’re talking about stinky sports socks and gratitude – and why this is a metaphor for how positive thinking can be a waste of time:

So, were you trying to dilute that stinky sock water with a thimble-full of positive thinking? Are you ready to pull the plug and let the sink empty, so you can fill it back up with thoughts that make you feel happier?

Remember: you get a year full of step-by-step how-to in A Year Full Of Gratitude. I’d love to share this journey with you.

x Clare

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Clare Josa sets Passionate World Changers free from Imposter Syndrome and their secret 3am fears, so they can make the difference they are really here to make in the world. She is the author of five life-changing books, including the much-loved Dare to Dream Bigger. Her sixth book and debut novel, You Take Yourself With You, has been described by readers as 'unputdownable'.

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