The Little Book Of Daily Sunshine ISBN 1908854405

Time For The Little Book Of Daily Sunshine?

Bite-Sized Inspiration To Light Up Your Day.

The Little Book Of Daily Sunshine - ISBN 978-1908854407

The Little Book Of Daily Sunshine – ISBN 978-1908854407

The Little Book Of Daily Sunshine brings you bite-sized doses of inspiration, each with a powerful message, life-changing technique or motivational insight.

    • You could choose to read it cover-to-cover
    • you could read one message each morning, to inspire your day
    • you could open it at random, to discover what you most need to know today

It’s pocket-sized, so you can take it with you whenever you need it.

The inspirational messages take less than a minute to read, yet they can light up your day and help you to make deep-acting changes in all areas of your life.

These Daily Sunshine messages can touch your life, inspiring you to dump your old excuses, to set yourself free from limiting beliefs and to head towards the life of your dreams.


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Daily Sunshine Paperback ISBN 978-1908854407

Daily Sunshine Kindle ISBN 978-1908854414

Clare JosaIt is shared with you, with love, by Clare Josa.

Clare is an NLP Trainer, Meditation Teacher and Dedicated Happiness Experimenter. Her dream is to inspire people to reconnect with the beauty of who they really are and to spread a wave of sunshine around the world.

She lives in Sussex, UK, with her husband, 3 young boys and a very bouncy Jack Russell.


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I’d love to be able to share Daily Sunshine with you. 🙂


Clare x

Clare Josa ~ Author, NLP Trainer, Meditation Teacher, Happiness Experimenter

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What People Are Saying About Daily Sunshine

Dear Clare

I love my Daily Sunshine messages! They’re exactly the thing that is needed to jolt me out of early-morning-grumpy mode every day and make me think about what makes me and others happy. Thank you for them and bless you.


I love reading these reading. Sometimes I am having a difficult day I look on my e-mail and I have a breath of fresh air.


“Whether you just want to start the day with a smile on your face or be inspired to change your life, Daily Sunshine fits the bill. Titbits of deep thought; bursts of rainbow thinking; flashes of heart opening clarity, the Daily Sunshine has it all. Give it a try, it’ll brighten every day and it might just change your life (it has for me!) “


“Hello Clare,
I have been enjoying a dose of “Daily Sunshine” from you. Many of the quotes have had an impact on me but none more than this one. I now realise that I have been looking for happiness in all the wrong places. Yeah, sure I’ve read that happiness comes from within, but this has hit home with me “ BIG TIME”. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You……..
Peace to you & yours,”