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Is Your Website Secretly Trashing Your Business? #youpreneursummit Gems From Mark Asquith


Want to know how to avoid the most common website mistakes that cost us time and money? Do you ever suffer from comparisonitis with your website? Wish it could look as gorgeous as someone else’s glossy efforts? Wish it would convert more visitors into clients? Are you wondering what you need to redesign to make it work better for you – and your Tribe?

Then you won’t want to miss these gems from Mark Asquith from Chris Ducker’s #youpreneursummit, all about the most common mistakes we make with our websites and how to fix them.

When you’ve watched the video, I’d love to hear from you – via the comments:

  • have you fallen into any of these traps?
  • how could customer conversations help you to map out your customer’s journey?
  • is there anything on your website that needs the ‘MoSCoW’ treatment?


Key links:

  • Mark Asquith’s website is here: https://www.excellence-expected.com/
  • Come and join me in my private Facebook group: Dare To Dream Bigger
  • If you have my latest book – Dare To Dream Bigger – you’ll find stuff about how to walk in your customer’s shoes in Step 1 (Dream Audience) and on page 222 – how to stand in your customer’s shoes and how to move from woah to wow!

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