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The Moment When A Dream Becomes Real!


I had a dream from the age of six, but by the time I was fifteen, I had given someone else the power to make sure it would never happen. And they never even knew.

That dream? To write a novel.

A throwaway comment from an English teacher got stored in my head as the belief that I couldn’t write a story. I never wrote another one, apart from those I had to for English exams. After thirteen years of motherhood, I never told my kids a made-up story, because I believed I couldn’t.

I published five life-changing non-fiction books, but that wasn’t enough for me to consider myself an ‘author’ – because I hadn’t published a novel.

Yes, I know it sounds irrational, but that’s how limiting beliefs work. I’m guessing you know that, too.

Then, one day in July this year, I had had enough. I did some block-clearing work and ditched that belief. I didn’t feel any different, which was a huge disappointment. But two days later I had drafted seven novels. Three months later I had written two of them. Today the first 500 copies of the first book (edited, type-set, gorgeous cover done) were delivered to me, ready for shipping before Christmas to everyone who has believed in me and pre-ordered it.

Here’s how excited I was:


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About the Author Clare Josa

As an NLP Trainer, Meditation & Yoga Teacher and an Engineer, Clare Josa demystifies ancient wisdom, blending it with the 'user manual' for your brain, to make it surprisingly easy for you to ditch your hidden blocks, and even enjoy the process. Author of five life-changing books, her sixth book and debut novel is now available with incredible pre-order bonuses: You Take Yourself With You is about the twists and turns life takes us on, to make peace with the past. What happens when we get in the way of happiness? Exploring self-doubt, trauma, depression, harassment (#metoo) and bullying, Clare's novel is a journey of hope, courage, love and realising we're not alone. Order your copy today.

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