101 Ways To De-Stress Your Christmas - PDF download version

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[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Yay! I’m so happy to have you join us! Here’s where you can download your gift copy of 101 Ways To De-Stress Your Christmas.

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And here’s where you can dive in and read all of the Advent Calendar de-stressing articles so far.

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Here’s to a stress-free Christmas for you!

With love, Namaste, x Clare

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And I’ve got a bonus video for you!

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7 Simple Steps To Your Best Christmas Ever!

  1. Dance and sing with all your heart!
    “Dance as though no one were watching; sing as though no one were listening; live every moment to the fullest.”
  2. Get plenty of fresh air
    Go out for walks – ideally somewhere with grass and trees – it really shifts stress and makes for a happier Christmas.
  3. Let your inner child have fun
    Surprise yourself – let your inner child out to play – it’s not as scary as we think…! 🙂
  4. Give every gift with love – and receive every gift with gratitude!
    Yes, even Aunty Mabel’s disastrous Snowman jumper!
  5. Look for the beauty and light in everyone
    Yes, even grumpy uncle Richard! You can be the mirror that shines back their inner beauty, so perhaps they might even catch a glimpse of it.
  6. Spread love and happiness with every  thought & word
    Choose every thought to come from love. Choose every word you say to be born of kindness. And watch the Christmas magic unfold!
  7. Make the magic last all year long!
    Don’t wait till next Christmas to do it all again – keep steps 1 to 6 going all year and you could change the world!

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