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The Hidden Dangers Of Asking For Feedback? AKA How To Pick Up The Pieces Of Your Shattered Self-Esteem!

The Hidden Dangers Of Asking For Feedback? AKA How To Pick Up The Pieces Of Your Shattered Self-Esteem! DTDB036

Asking for feedback? We all know it’s a good idea. But what happens if a client comes back with a self-esteem-shattering humdinger? How do you pick up the pieces? And how can you train your clients to give you feedback that is useful, actionable and leaves you both feeling great, even if there are things to improve? All of that – and more – is yours in episode 36 of the Dare To Dream Bigger podcast. Show notes and bonus resources

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5 Reasons Why Even HUNGRY Customers Won't Pay You

5 Reasons Why Even Hungry Customers Won’t Pay You – And It Might Not Be What You Think DTDB035

Fed up with having to give all your ‘best stuff’ away for free? Feeling frustrated that ‘no one’ will pay you? You’re doing everything the biz-gurus tell you to, but that sales page swipe file just hasn’t brought in the goods? And if you’re really honest with yourself, sometimes you secretly feel like a failure because people just aren’t buying from you? But it doesn’t have to be that way! There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with you and what you’re offering brings value to the world. But there are some ‘inside work’ tweaks that could really help. Here are 5 reasons why even hungry customers are keeping their credit cards tightly tucked up in their wallets – and it might not be what you think. Shownotes:

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What’s The ONE Thing I Recommend You Do, To Make Your Dreams Come True In 2017?

I was asked a GREAT question by a lovely guy last weekend, which inspired me to create today’s Dare To Dream Bigger podcast for you. In it, I spill the beans on the question he asked, my answer, and why it is the top thing I recommend you do, if you have dreams or goals in the coming year. Shownotes and resources:

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Are you making my favourite dream trashing mistake?

Are You Making My Favourite Dream-Trashing Mistake? And Why Christmas Is Such A Great Time To Dump It

Are you making my favourite business dream-trashing mistake? I have been addicted to this one for years – and I’d love to help you to ditch it. Here’s a whistle-stop tour of how to spot if you’re falling for this one, plus some practical strategies for letting it go. Show notes & resources:

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Are You On The Right Track With Your Life’s Purpose? Interview With Nancy Marmolejo And Clare Josa

One of the biggest blocks to stepping up to make the difference you’re here to make in the world is feeling out-of-synch with your life’s purpose. In it, Nancy explains why connecting with your Inner Genius is so essential, if you want to make a difference in the world, and she spills the beans on her personal journey. She shares with you some priceless how-to on lining up with your unique skills and voice, and you even get to find out about my little-known party trick, which has been getting me into trouble since I was 17 – and why it’s such a vital element of my life’s purpose! Show notes:

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Do You Ever Feel Like You’re Stuck On The ‘Complaining Train’?

Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in negative self-talk and that your brain is totally out of control? You don’t know how to press ‘stop’? And all that’s going round in your head is worrying and thoughts about what is going wrong, what did go wrong and what might go wrong in the future? Being stuck on the complaining train leaves you feel miserable. It exhausts you physically, mentally and emotionally. And it stops you from stepping up to take inspired action towards your dreams. In today’s Dare To Dream Bigger podcast episode I share with you how to spot whether you’re stuck on the complaining train, and practical strategies for how to get off it, once and for all:

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Are You Making The Biggest Entrepreneurial Mistake? I Know I Have… DTDB029

What’s the biggest entrepreneurial mistake I see passionate world-changers making? It’s the main reason why they find it so hard to turn their dreams into reality. And it’s surprisingly common – but also simple to fix, when you know how. I’ve definitely been there and got that t-shirt. And it’s a pattern I still find it easy to slip back into, if I’m not watching myself!

So, in this week’s video podcast, I take you through how to spot whether you’re making this mistake, how to clear out those hidden blocks, and I give you a challenge that will help you to turn things around, in the next seven days.

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How Could Autumn Leaves Help You Grow Your Business (Even If You’re Not A Gardener)?

What could your business possibly have to learn from autumn leaves? And why on earth should you ‘autumnify’ your business? How might that help you to set yourself free from the exhaustion of ‘busyness’ – and even let go of projects (or people!) who are draining your batteries and have out-stayed their welcome? All of this – and more – is yours in today’s Dare To Dream Bigger podcast episode:

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How To Make Change Last? My Secret 3-Step Strategy DTDB027

Do you ever wish you knew how to make change last – and how to avoid the most common mistake that makes change nearly impossible? I’m curious: do you ever find yourself avoiding making changes in your life, perhaps because you’re not sure how to get them to stick? Have you ever tried to change a habit, but failed? You wish you knew how to make change last? You’re in great company! The past 14 years of mentoring passionate World-Changers have shown me that there is one critical factor that makes all the difference between people who make change stick, and those who don’t. And to empower my Clients to create life-long change, there is a simple 3-step strategy I use, which makes change near-inevitable. All of this – and more – is yours in today’s podcast episode:

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