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How To ** Really ** End Bullying And Violence In Our Culture?

What can we really do to end bullying in our culture? The budget speech by the UK’s Chancellor, Philip Hammond, on International Women’s Day inspired me to totally change the proposed theme of today’s podcast episode. He announced increased spending for groups working to put an end to violence towards women – on International Women’s […]

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Stuck In A Negative Thinking Spiral? How To Pause Negative Thinking And Avoid The Number One Mistake Most People Are Making

Do you ever get stuck in a spiral of negative thinking? Wish you could pause negative thinking? Want to know how to set yourself free? And how to avoid the super-common mistake that most people are making, that keeps them stuck in that downward spiral? Today’s Inside Work Alchemy podcast spills the beans on what […]

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5 Reasons Why Even HUNGRY Customers Won't Pay You

5 Reasons Why Even Hungry Customers Won’t Pay You – And It Might Not Be What You Think

Fed up with having to give all your ‘best stuff’ away for free? Feeling frustrated that ‘no one’ will pay you? You’re doing everything the biz-gurus tell you to, but that sales page swipe file just hasn’t brought in the goods? And if you’re really honest with yourself, sometimes you secretly feel like a failure […]

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What’s The ONE Thing I Recommend You Do, To Make Your Dreams Come True In 2017?

I was asked a GREAT question by a lovely guy last weekend, which inspired me to create today’s Dare To Dream Bigger podcast for you. In it, I spill the beans on the question he asked, my answer, and why it is the top thing I recommend you do, if you have dreams or goals […]

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