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Finding Your Inner Still Point
by Clare Josa
Deep Relaxation For Stress Relief

Finding Your Inner Still PointFinding Your Inner Still PointDo you want to:
• Start your day feeling awake and refreshed?
• Recharge your energy levels during the day?
• Let go of stress and tension at the end of the day?
Medical science agrees with the ancient wisdom that deep relaxation has a profound effect on our health – physically, mentally and emotionally.
When we’re stressed and tired, it can be hard to concentrate and it’s easy for our mood to spiral downwards.
Being guided through a simple, practical deep relaxation process can transform your day.

De-Stress and Unwind is specially designed to be a deep relaxation that will re-energise you, rather than make you fall asleep.

About The Author: Clare Josa is an Author, meditation teacher, NLP Trainer and Energy Worker. She is passionate about helping people set themselves free to become the sparkling diamond they truly are.
Available Formats: Audio CD, Audio MP3

Audio CD ISBN: 978-1-908854-03-2 – Published February 2011
Audio MP3 ISBN: 978-1-908854-03-2 – Published December 2011 – Buy on Amazon now

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101 Ways To De-Stress Your Christmas
by Clare Josa
Practical Inspiration For A Happier Festive Season

101 Ways To De-Stress Your Christmas101 Ways To De-Stress Your ChristmasWhatever kind of Christmas Stress you’re suffering from, this book brings you the tips, techniques and strategies you need, to help you cut your stress levels fast.
The 101 bite-sized, highly practical ideas are based on sound psychological principles, bucket loads of common sense and a dollop of humour.

You could treat this book as your Christmas stress first aid kit.

About The Author: Clare Josa has been leading seminars and mentoring on the topic of de-stressing your life for over a decade. She is an internationally renowned NLP Trainer, a meditation teacher, a personal mentor, and an energy therapist.
She walks her talk, applying the techniques she teaches on a daily basis, juggling writing, working and being a mum to three wonderful young boys.

Available Formats: Paperback, Kindle book, Audio CD, Audio MP3s
Paperback Format ISBN: 978-1-908854-02-5 Published December 2011
Kindle Format ISBN: 978-1-908854-00-1 Published December 2010 – Amazon
Audio CD & MP3s: publishing autumn 2012

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