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GDPR: Why You DON’T Need To Delete Your List On 25th May – And 3 Practical Actions You Can Take Instead


With just a few weeks left until the GDPR deadline, many microbusinesses are struggling to get their heads round the complexity of the legislation. It was brought in without simplifications, which means that kitchen table solopreneurs have to comply with the same complexity as multinationals like Amazon, who have had entire teams working on this for a year.

One of the biggest challenges is reconfirming our historical email lists. My research over the past two weeks showed that 10% is a typical reconfirmation rate – the UK’s smallest businesses are losing up to 90% of their subscribers.

But you don’t have to delete your list on 25th May. Here are three practical things you can do, instead:

Here’s the link to the ICO’s ‘Lawful Basis For Processing’ guidelines:

Here’s the link to Heather Burns’ practical webinar on how to get your business GDPR-ready:

If you want to write to your MP / Elizabeth Denham at the ICO, asking for a light touch extension for micro businesses until 31st December, I suggest you include:

* What you ARE doing to comply already
* Where, specifically, you are struggling to comply (e.g. reconfirmation / software providers not offering tick boxes for granularity of consent)
* How this could damage your business – the unintended consequences of this legislation

Please let me know via the comments how you get on with this.

x Clare

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